Our Experts

Eric Schienholtz, Store Owner

Ron Paciarello, Store Manager

Cyndi Stubblefield, Installation / Office Manager

Cyndi is an employee who has been with Burlington for many years. She excels in customer service and is constantly trying to improve Burlington carpet.

Shirley Maribona, Bookeeper

Shirley is another valued employee who has almost 10 years in with the company. Burlington Carpet One could not function without her. She is one of our most valued and loyal employees who is always going the extra mile to make sure every penny is accounted for.

Jamie Brandjord, Outside Sales

Jamie and his family have sold flooring for their entire lives and we are now happy add his expertise to our staff.

Frank Nassan, Sales Professional

Expertise is what we offer you on so many levels. Our sales professionals are trained to ask the right questions, guide you through our easy-to-understand selection systems, and work with you to create exciting solutions. Frank is a part time salesperson who started in our Marlton location almost 10 years ago and is now selling in Barrington. Frank is always going the extra mile to help and has a loyal following of customers.

Josh DelRio, Warehouse Manager

Josh has now been with us almost 2 years and is now in charge of the day to day operations in the warehouse. Josh always has a smile on his face and is willing to help us in any way.

Steve Farrell, Vinyl Installer

We believe in flawless execution every step of the way, so our work continues after you’ve made your flooring selection. We are experts in flooring installation, and we stand behind our work with a “Life of Floor” warranty. You can rely on our flooring installation experts. After all, this is your home we’re talking about.

George Tassegloy, Carpet Installer

George starting with Burlington Carpet when he was a young adult working for his father. Now he has his own crew of family and is excellent mechanic and loved by all of his customers.

Brian Carlos, Ceramic Installer

Brian has been installing ceramic floors for most of his life and has a reputation for being meticulous. He is truly one of the best installers in South Jersey.

Dan Mancuso, Hardwood Installer

Dan is our hardwood specialist and he is truly an artist with prefinished and unfinished floors.

Ron MIller, Carpet Installer

Ronnie has installed for Burlington Carpet One for almost 30 years. He started in our warehouse and has proven year after year to be a valued installer and always going the extra mile for our customers.

Jack Ullman, Carpet Installer

Jack is another installer who has been with Burlington for over 20 years. He is a valued installer who takes pride in his work and has a infinite list of happy customers.

Jim Garro, Flooring Installer

Ray Britland, Hard Surface Installer

Wayne Neill, Carpet Installer

Linda Challender, Sales Professional

Marc Pilla, Warehouse